Is your home ready for viewing?

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I have called several agents to view a home who in turn, call the Seller and we get a response of “Sorry, not today”. When this happens, I think to myself, is the house for sale or not? There are many memories that a home collects over time. As soon as a house is put on the open market, it becomes a commodity. This means we must separate the two. I have gone into homes for a showing and it looks like a cyclone has hit! One then wonders if the owners really want to sell their home.

When you list with a Brokerage and the For Sale sign goes up, part of your responsibility is to let Potential Buyers into your home for a showing if to see if they want to buy your home. There are obviously some circumstances that prevail – if there are certain situations that pertain to your lifestyle or effect showings such as dogs at home, children go to bed early, running a business out of the home, etc. so tell your agent at the time of you listing the home. That way he/she can put it in the listing cut so other agents are aware of it. If you do tell your agent and they don’t listen to you, fire them! Your Real Estate Agent should be understanding of your situation. Something to remember: most times when a Buyer cannot view a home at the time of the request, they will not come back. So the moral of the story is you may have let a potential Buyer not view your home. Sometimes you will get a call and the buyers are sitting outside your home. They are from out of town and  are probably driving around in your neighbourhood and would like to see the house. You say no because your house is not clean. Ninety nine percent of the time they will not return. These folks are on a short time table and usually don’t have time to return. So again, the moral of the story is you have just let another potential Buyer go. By the way, people who give you five minutes notices are the best Buyers because they understand more so because they just sold their home and realize the effort to keep it tidy. Therefore, they over look any untidiness. A note to remember: every time you refuse a Buyer, it is one less potential offer you will receive.

When you go to a used car lot, do you ever wonder why all the cars look like they are brand new? Even the tires shine! They all look like they should be with the new cars. Why do they do this? Because they want to give you, the consumer, the best impression of the commodity for sale. Remember this: when it comes to your home – your house should shine. If it needs paint to spruce it up, paint it. The cars on the lot have no garbage on the seats or in the trunk to make look cluttered. De-clutter your home as well. Have everything neat and tidy. Your home should be shouting “Welcome! Come and see me.” Have your agent go through your entire home and advise you of everything you should do to get your home ready for the market. There are also professionals you can have come in to advise you as well.

Important note to remember, if you need to replace items such as flooring, roof, windows etc. there are different ways to deal with it. One way is to replace all of the items or just certain ones. But you must watch the costs of these because it can bring the price tag to a level where the selling price is too high for the neighbourhood. Instead, you could give an allowance to cover some of the items. The best solution I believe is to price the house accordingly. In my experience, the main reason a home doesn’t sell is price. Sellers forget that today’s consumers are very knowledgeable when it comes to buying homes. With the invention of the internet, everything is at their fingertips. They know what’s selling, what not selling, how long it’s been on the market and the prices it sold for.

Sometimes, we have a home that is a Cadillac in a Volkswagen. What I mean is that a seller has done so much work to the house that it doesn’t compare to any other home on the street. When we upgrade our homes, we must understand we may not always get back everything we invested. I tell clients that you must view the upgrades as adding to your enjoyment of the home. If this is over looked, the problem it brings is (most times) a Buyer wants a price that is too high for the area. The end result is the house sits on the market.

Pricing is probably the most important advice you can receive when it comes to getting your home ready for viewing. Remember this during the listing of your home.

I have just launched a new program through my website – when your home has a viewing, the buyer’s agent will automatically be sent a feedback form so you can have their honest opinions after they view the house and then it is sent to you!

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