Staging your home for sale

Is there too much or not enough in the house to effectively showcase the home’s best features? For successful Halifax home selling, it is important to have the right amount, the right style, and the right placement of contents. We tend to stop noticing the details in our own home because we see them every day. It is difficult for most people to see their home with an unbiased eye. Renting off site storage is a very effective selling strategy to clear out the garage and storage room, as well as edit the personal items in the house.

In many cases a rearrangement, using existing contents, will create a fresh, neutral and inviting presentation. Sometimes new pieces are needed whether borrowed, bought or rented. In the case of a vacant home, the rental of the appropriate furniture and accessories are highly effective in getting the home sold well. A well staged home draws in a buyer with excellent flow, colors, style, room set up, interest and excitement.

Is the home’s decor going to be a benefit or deterrent to buyers? Or, comments, “I have heard many times the theory that if a home is beautifully decorated, it is ready for market. Quite often this is not true.

What do you think they will buy? A client who was shown two similar homes in the same neighborhood, one of which was fairly plain and the other decorated tastefully throughout. I expected the buyer to choose the decorated home, but she chose the plain one. Why? Although the decorated home was lovely, it did not match her furnishings and she would have had to either redecorate it or buy all new furniture. Taking that a step further I would suggest that whether the decorating is lovely or not is always a matter of taste”.

When in the midst of Halifax home selling it is wise to keep the home neutral; bring in interest and color through the use of accessories